It’s Friday and we all  know what that means: it is Friday.


For me, this means a few specific things.

1. I went to my “Chisel” class at the Y-dubs. Usually, this class is taught by a buff young man who doesn’t sweat. Today, it was taught by a slightly less buff, slightly older man with a beard, wearing a gold wedding ring on his left hand and a pink handkerchief on his right wrist. I found this confusing but enjoyed the class.

2. I realized this morning that I have a week to break in my new hiking boots before I leave for Yellowstone, so I walked to work in them, my feet protesting in the muggy morning air (as they were shoved into hiking socks). Breaking in hiking boots is more important than fashion.

3. I probably should have spent my lunch hour in my hiking boots and not getting “chiseled.”

3. More wedding planning stuff.

Sigh. I really just wanted to enjoy being engaged for about 3 months before doing any planning, but if we do that, all the other brides who didn’t laze about will book every reasonably priced everything.

I once worked with a girl who had been living with her boyfriend for forever, and then he proposed, and then they were engaged forever. As in, for 5 years and no wedding date in sight. I don’t know if this is because she kept spending their wedding money on Alexander Wang handbags and Helmut Lang t-shirts or what, but they really seemed to be enjoying not-planning-their-wedding. Actually, as far as I know, they’re still engaged. Maybe they’re onto something.

How the heck am I supposed to know how much food people will eat? Can’t someone just throw out a number that I can plug into a spreadsheet? Seriously. Just tell me what to do.

There are so few times in my life when I find myself saying that phrase and right now, I mean it. Just please tell me what to do. Weddings are about tradition and I have no desire to deviate from it, thereby making things more complicated than necessary.

It’s like my Chisel instructor. Wearing a wedding band and a pink handkerchief. How am I supposed to stereotype people when they do stuff like that? He made my life complicated for about one second and I didn’t appreciate it. Nice guy, though.

People gravitate towards stereotypes because they’re easy. I gravitate towards a traditional wedding because the rules for that type of wedding are rather cut and dry. I’ve lived long enough to know that I don’t want complicated. My 16 year old self would hate me. She would think I was boring. “Not boring,” I’d say back to her. “I am being smart. And lazy. I am being both smart and lazy. Live some more and you’ll learn how nicely those two things fit together.”

Lioness in the Serengeti


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