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pink-flowers_300Here is what the past two weeks of my life have been like:

The boyfriend: “Will you marry me?”

Me: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Fiance: “Did you see that shooting star?”

Me: “Yes! So cool!”

Us: “This weekend has been so wonderful. I love you so much.”

Three days later.

Me: “We must make appointments to look at venues RIGHT NOW. We’re competing against every other bride in this city to have a wedding for the dates we’re looking at and venues fill up fast.”

For the next two weeks, we frantically research venues and schedule tours and create budgets with imaginary dollar figures based on a frequently changing number of guests.

Last weekend:

My mother, who is great: “My sister is going to be in Russia on the first date you’re considering.”

Me (inside): “Crap.”

Future mother-in-law, who is also great: “The kids start school August 1st and my sister can’t do the second date you’re considering.”

Fiance and me (internally): “Crap.”

Thusly, our potential dates have withered from 2-1/2 months to two days. Mind you, I had been expecting this. This is just the way it goes. I had, however, forgotten to anticipate this amid all the excitement and chaos, so it put me into a state of mild panic.

Me (yesterday, on the phone): “Hello, first-venue-we-looked-at. I’d like to put a soft hold on one of these two dates, if available.”

Venue coordinator: “We only have one of those dates left.”

Me: “That works.” Then I immediately followed up with an email to her because I am paranoid.

She gets us an estimate later that day, which I’ve not yet had time to insert into our made-up-numbers budget, and all this week we have appointments to visit other venues. On the plus side, we already know how to create budgets so at least we’re not trying to learn how to itemize things in Excel. And…I’ve already found my dress, which I thought would be the hard part. I had no idea how much fun it would be to try on expensive, well-made gowns. Truly, truly fun. I recommend it to all the ladies, even if they’re not planning to get married any time soon. It makes you feel like a movie star. Does trying on tuxes have the same effect for men? I have no idea.

I finally caved and bought a bridal magazine. I was afraid it would only be advertisements, but I actually found some useful things in there. I guess I’ve become of those brides who shells out $10 for bridal magazines. Soon I’ll be paying $20/month for bridal magazines (you can’t stop at just one), $80 for a ponytail with crystal bobby pins in it, and $80 million for pretty flowers. I forgot to budget for the magazines, though. The plot thickens.

I’m only into my second week of this, but I’m realizing that planning a wedding builds other really useful skills, like learning to be flexible and work well under pressure. I don’t recommend planning a wedding just for kicks, but if you want to work on learning to roll with the punches, you should consider it – in addition to trying on dresses, of course. I would also argue that this is a resume builder. Key phrases you could add to the ol’ CV: “coordinated and managed execution of day-long event,” “partnered with vendors,” “formulated budgets,” and “managed deadlines.”

Obviously, I will help you brush up your resume in exchange for a donation to my honeymoon fund.

Have I mentioned I think I found my shoes? I am so on top of this thing.


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