iPhone 6 pics

I’m not going to regale you with my first world problem saga about what it took to get a rose gold iPhone 6 on launch day – it involved waking up at 2 AM, pre-ordering it four times online, and only eventually being able to pre-order three days later by first walking into an Apple Store, getting a mysterious error message, and then going semi-calmly into the AT&T store across the street and being told I wouldn’t get it for 30 days. But I was upgrading from a 4S, which I always thought had a really dumpy camera, so I was willing to pay the price and endure the hassle.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I decided to take a stroll on the Loring Greenway to see what my new “camera” was made of. I took slo-mo video of a big water fountain (then accidentally deleted it from my phone; sorry, I’ll have to show you another time), pictures of vibrant purple flowers in the shade, pictures of buildings, and stuff in really bright light. It did pretty good on the white balance front, only blowing out the sky once when I was trying to take something in silhouette.

Here are my favorite (unprocessed!) photos from my little adventure. You should click on them to get the full effect. Side note: were it not for the strange man who said he lived in the condo building behind me, I would not have been inspired to try out my iPhone 6’s wide angle capabilities. Since I haven’t bought a wide angle lens yet for my DSLR, this may become my go-to for such photos until such time as I can afford the lens I want and have time to use it. (I’m planning a wedding, remember?)




So, early adopters, what do you think? Do the new iPhones live up to the hype? Answer in the comments below and take my fun poll. Oh God, how I love polls and surveys! More about that “endearing quirk” later…


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