photo challenge: (extra)ordinary

Kleiman, Jaime_PhotoEye_0003

This week’s photo challenge is (extra)ordinary: what’s mundane yet meaningful to you? What’s a beautiful everyday thing? 

Not all photographs have to be serious. Sometimes the purpose of a photo – and of art itself – is to help people see something they look at everyday a little differently.

The human eye is constantly compressing and suppressing visual information; otherwise, our brains would be overloaded. Thus, the things we look at frequently tend to be things we don’t always see. We experience this often when driving on familiar routes, ending up at a place and later realizing we were on complete autopilot. Barring an accident or anything else really out of the ordinary, your brain simply filled in visual information for you, similar to how a camera shooting in JPEG format removes what it deems to be extraneous information.

I walk this lake near my house nearly week, but for some reason on this day, I looked down instead of up, and saw things a little differently – the signified and signifier, brought together in one unlikely frame.


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