Glorious Ohio 

As you may have surmised from the title of this post, I was in Ohio. Technically I wrote this post in the Columbus airport, waiting for my flight home. A few days ago, I was in Cleveland. I’m feeling pretty good for someone who’s been in 4 different hotels in 7 days. 

I came to Ohio for a combination fun/work trip. The fun part was with my husband; the work part was with 30 supervisors from central Ohio at the crappy Holiday Inn next to the Greyhound bus station. 

First, let me explain that I love public transit. I grew up in major east coast cities and I hate driving, so public transit is a real boon for me. When I’m commuting, I like to take public transit, even in cities with subpar public transit systems. I prefer to ride trains and subways, but sometimes I bus. Sometimes the only place to get from one Andean town to another is on a harrowing high altitude bus ride with chickens, children, and no toilet. 

The Greyhound bus situation in the United States should be another story, however. They are located in a wealthy first-world country, so no free pass there. No excuse for the filth and general swarminess. The only place I’ve been that has bus stations comparable to the horrors of Greyhound was in Kraków, Poland, where even the police tried to steal my passport. True story. 

Anyway, by the time I got to the Holiday Inn in Columbus, I’d already been there for a few days, so I knew there were far better neighborhoods than the one in which my hotel was situated. My room specified no marijuana smoking, and there were copious signs advising people to keep their eyes on their valuables at all times. The workout room was falling apart and I got followed around by two men I’m pretty sure weren’t guests at the hotel. 

So I did what every smart person should do – I trusted my gut and had my company’s travel agent move me to another hotel. Men who are not ladies: this is not an easy thing to do for a woman. We don’t want to “inconvenience” people. We don’t want to be troublemakers. We also don’t want to be assaulted, though, which is why I was proud of myself for getting out of there. Like I said, I grew up in big east coast cities. I know trouble when I see it and now I’m old enough to fear it. 

Anyway, if you’re ever in Columbus, I highly recommend staying at the Hyatt Regency, which is where I ended up for the last couple days of my trip. The rate was great, food was good, and I was treated like royalty. 

I forgot what the point of this post is. Here are some pictures from Cleveland and Columbus.
My husband’s grade school: 
  Columbus skyline from my hotel’s 9th floor. 


An institution made of meat parts and old bricks:  
  Columbus has cool alleyways:  

Musicians dressed up like Germans from the 19th century:

Cream puff from the Sausage Haus. Need I say more?


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