distract me, nashville!


I love my country and lately I don’t know why. It seems to be comprised mostly of blustering, bigoted idiots. So yeah, Virginia is a purple state now due to its more educated workforce in NOVA, and more people are going to college more than ever before. Statistics show that the more educated you are, the more progressive you are. I suppose this is another way of saying the more educated you are, the less stupid you are.

So why are we giving the stupidest people megaphones?

I don’t think the mainstream “liberal” media does a great job of staying to true to what its actual mission should be, which is to serve, to do no harm. I think they are beholden to ratings (or clicks) like every other form of media, and this is why Donald Trump was all over the news all the time. Why he got free press. And why he was given the megaphone.

I love that the USA gives everyone – well, almost everyone – a voice. I just wish that the smarter, more compassionate people would use theirs, and that media outlets would accept, like Spiderman does, that with great power comes great responsibility. I’m at fault, too. I’ve thrown up my hands this primary season and resigned myself to another year of vitriol, sexism, and good old-fashioned hatred for no reason whatsoever. I haven’t signed petitions, I haven’t been blogging, I’ve tried to avoid the news as much as possible because my life has been kind of stressful lately and I just want to watch Nashville and hide. Regretfully, I’ve also started to view my Somali refugee neighbors (mostly Muslims) with a wary eye, wondering what exactly they think of my city, my values, my choice of clothing. Turns out I am not entirely immune to the demagogues shouting into megaphones.

Am I part of the problem? Is silence unpatriotic? I do think so, and I’m more than a little embarrassed and ashamed of myself for remaining so . It’s not too late for me, though, and it’s not too late for you. Speak up and be heard, and possibly make a difference. This Fourth of July, I hope we all will start heading in that direction.


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