Jaime kid birthday

you that would call me to tell me you love me

is the same you that says I play games, I speak lies, I devise master plans.

if I estimated my value by the worth you place in me, I would be worth less than nothing, but more than some things.

I would be you as you see yourself.

All the things I do wrong would be in defiance of you, not because I am human, make mistakes, miscalculate, get tired, haven’t eaten for a while and got confused;

each misfortune a direct hit

a reflection of how little you are, how fragile the emotional economy is,

how important it is to fear and hate.

you that would text to tell me you’re fine

you that would email to tell me you’re better

the day it is not about you is the day you send a truthful message, containing banal words used like any normal person would

“your dad has multiple tumors and is starting chemo tomorrow,

today he’s out golfing.”

some people. even the invitation of death won’t faze them

won’t faze them at all.



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