to the top

I took a yoga workshop yesterday in which I thought I learned very little. Upon telling my husband about it, I realized that of the five nuggets I took away from it, one could be life-changing if I consciously worked on it.
Basically I realized that in my daily life, I always want to be in the rehearsal room, getting better and growing and being the best I can be, but when I get to performance time, it’s never enough. Even if I get better parts, I want more, I want to be back in rehearsal and come out with something even better, I want to continue being the best and climbing higher instead of appreciating where I am and all I have. If I want to be happy, however the performance turns out, that needs to be enough for me. Always wanting more is a recipe for restlessness, pointless competition, and self-flagellation. This applies in the business world as well.
So maybe I need to think of life more as climbing a mountain. If you get to the top, all you’ve done is gotten to the top. You appreciate the view and then you have to hike down. That not failure, that’s reality. You shouldn’t judge yourself for being smart enough to climb down and rejoin reality. Getting to the top changes very little. Being able to be happy is the real prize, wherever you’re at.

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